My journey to complimentary therapy started with a motorcycle accident. Taking an unscheduled flight over the top of a car, which had crossed my path and stopped in the middle of the road, left me with both wrists broken, a crushed finger and a detached ligament in my right wrist. I was lucky, I could have been killed.

I did not seek alternative or complimentary therapy at the time because I was agnostic towards religion and other spiritual practices, however my father said something to me that made me question my luck in surviving the crash. To quote him verbatim ‘Someone was looking after you!’ As the extent of the damage was made clear I started to think more on this and wonder if it was true.

A while later I was watching a BBC drama production about Merlin, and just as a passing curiosity I researched the names of various Gods and Goddesses that were mentioned in the series. I was just curious to see if they were names from history or made up for the program. Sure enough, the names were accurate but my meanderings through the internet showed up a name of something I had not come across… Wicca! I read, and read, and them BAM!!! It was like an explosion of realization going off inside of me. This was what I had been looking for even though I did not know I was looking for anything.

I immersed myself in Wicca for about two years before my research into it’s history threw up Aleister Crowley and the Golden Dawn. I have a habit of wanting to know the roots of any belief system rather than just going along with what I have been presented with so I started looking into the Golden Dawn. I joined an online group and was invited for initiation which duly occurred. This was an amazing experience. The temple was almost fully equipped and everyone was dressed appropriately. What I didn’t expect was the effect it had on me, and the drive back to London was quite concerning because I was ‘high’ for about 3 days. Take it from me, if you ever get initiated like that, book a room and don’t drive for a day or two. No drugs are used but the effect on your energy systems is profound.

I also joined B.O.T.A. to train in the esoteric meanings of the Tarot.

I think I was a member of the Golden Dawn and B.O.T.A. for about two and a half years before I started leaning towards Aleister Crowley’s work. Thelema took over my life from then on. Not so much as a practice rather than a philosophy. It’s central tenet ‘Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law’ fits nicely with my outlook on life as does ‘Love is the Law, Love under Will’ & ‘Every man and every woman is a star.’ I found Liber AL vel Legis tough going at first but as you read more of Crowley’s writings you start to understand where the book is coming from. It is not ‘evil’ at all, it is just very heavily veiled in symbolism. The Bible is much the same in it’s use of symbolism and even Christ uses parables to teach the ‘uninitiated’.

In June 2010 I was diagnosed with stress anxiety and depression. I was placed on some pretty heavy duty drugs and signed off from work. Within six months I was also made redundant. It was not a good period in my life and I decided to change things. The drugs were doing their job but I had heard of this Reiki thing going around so I decided to try it. If it helped me relax like it said it would, then any help would be gratefully accepted. As I looked further into the system I realized that, thanks to my redundancy cheque, I may as well get trained rather than have the half dozen or so treatments needed to have any really beneficial effect on me. I found a Master who worked out of central London and the rest, as they say, is history.

I have never regretted my decision; I don’t even regret the accident and my redundancy. After all, I would not be writing this, advocating this amazing system if those events had not occurred.